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Responsive Web Design in Bangalore India

In the field of Web design and development, we're rapidly coming to the point of being unable to keep up with the endless new resolutions and devices. For some websites, creating a website version for every determination and new gadget would be impossible, or if nothing else unrealistic. Should we just suffer the consequences of losing visitors from one device, for the benefit of gaining visitors from another?On the other hand is there an alternate choice?

Responsive Web Design is the methodology that proposes that plan and advancement ought to react to the client's conduct and environment in light of screen size, stage and introduction. The practice comprises of a blend of adaptable networks and designs, images and an intelligent use of CSS media queries. As the user switches from their laptop to iPad, the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size and scripting abilities. In other words, the website should have the technology to automatically respond to the user’s preferences. This would take out the requirement for an alternate outline and advancement stage for every new contraption available.

Responsive web design, originally defined by Ethan Marcotte in A List Apart responds to the needs of the users and the devices they’re using. The layout changes based on the size and capabilities of the device. For example, on a phone, users would see content shown in a single column view; a tablet might show the same content in two columns.

With Web users increasingly using mobile devices to browse Web sites and apps, Web designers and developers need to be sure that their creations look as good and work as well on mobile devices as on traditional desktop computers.Prominent designers advocates designing for "Mobile First", rather than as an afterthought to designing for desktops. Whether you outline for cell phones as an essential target or as a decent additional, you can utilize the force of CSS to guarantee that the same substance can be gotten to over all equipment stages, from cellular telephones to wide-screen high-determination shows.

This methodology is known as "Responsive Web Plan". Some of its procedures include:

Design Benefits

Both the website administrator and website users benefit from responsive web design:
Same content - you only have to update content and images in one place.
Better SEO - Google prefers to index one website, and rankings will benefit from the same URLs and page content.
Happy visitors - your users will have a consistent experience visiting your website on all devices and screen sizes.

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